Here’s a link to Beat Sheets. These allow you to get the pacing of your novels right! Like a three-act screenplay, you can make certain your characters are introduced, your plots established, and your lowest points hit in the manner and pacing your readers expect. No more writing hoping that you […]

Beat sheets

Congratulations to my mother for getting her cookbook published. It’s full of the awesome Southern recipes that I grew up with. We didn’t have a lot of money. Mom could not only stretch a dollar, but she was able to make the simplest food taste wonderful. I followed her brisket […]

A family that writes together! Mom’s Cookbook is heating up!

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Books are my go to. A few pages of anything has my mind running with alternate ideas and story lines. I’d bet any writer would tell you the same. Goldilocks and the three bears set in an Alaskan winter. The baby bear has blackmailed Goldilocks […]

The best ideas for Villains are all around you

Consider Lily Book cover
“Consider Lily” is available on Amazon. This short story is based on an entry to the 2015 San Jose Short Film Festival. The original short was created for the 72-hour film race and was the only animated film entry. Tameka’s got problems. A corpse that needs cleaning, a daughter up […]

Consider Lily

Found a pulp magazine cover creator. I make my own covers, but it is tempting to come up with a few versions for my own stuff. Check out the Pulp-O-mizer.    

Pulp book covers

We never looked at each other when we got down title
“Work hard for me and when I die, you’ll get $10,000.00,” the man said. In Arkansas, the lie is easy to see, but in Las Vegas, so far removed from cotton fields and backwoods Jim Crow, the lie is less obvious. Still, Cole was a fool who should have known […]

You. Your best friends. A whole lotta money. What could ...

Cover image for the short story Kentucky
Kentucky is a woman on the back end of her life. She’s lived with so little for so long; poverty is all she can smell. Its scent is pregnant with the funk of urine, spoiled food, and human misery. One night, she finds something that could remove the stench for […]

Kentucky: A Bite From the Sweet Apple of Yesterday